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MyBody v2.1

"MyBody" is a web app that estimates your body balance and simulates your activity goals.

2.0 has become easier to use and easier to view.

Launch MyBody App

You can get started by pressing the following button:

Start MyBody

But before that, please read this page carefully.

Body composition input

When you start MyBody, first enter your information.

Enter your basic information (height, weight, age, gender), body composition, and activity information.

Body fat percentage (BF%) can be measured with a body composition meter that can be used at home, and heart rate (resting, maximum) can be measured with a smartwatch.

Body shape/metabolism simulation

By interpreting basic information, body composition, and heart rate, it simulates body balance and metabolic level.

Think of your resting basal metabolic rate as the energy you need to live from sleep to wake up when your body is in balance.

In addition to this, you will also be involved in work and student life on a daily basis.

Activity energy amount

"Activity energy amount" estimates the amount of energy you need for your daily life, depending on your body balance and daily life.

Considering this amount of energy, you can use it as an indicator to create the ideal body balance by adjusting your diet and activity level and promoting metabolism.


Maximum oxygen uptake (VO2Max) is a very important factor in maintaining and creating the ideal body balance.

Even if you think, ``I have to exercise,'' it doesn't last long, and even if you do it for a long time, your body balance doesn't improve as much as you thought, and you don't have enough strength...there are many cases.

This tends to happen when your current body balance/VO2Max doesn't match what you're doing.

VO2Max can be measured with recent smartwatches, so it would be a good idea to be able to measure your own VO2Max if possible.

In this example, the physical information was entered as a 40-year-old man, and the estimated VO2 Max: 50 came out, so the ACSM evaluation table (reference) rated him as having a "high " balance.

At this time, if you check the half-time record using Daniel's famous running formula, you will see that you can complete the race in 1 hour and 41 minutes.

If you actually run for 1 hour and 50 minutes, you will find that your actual VO2 Max is around 40.What should I do if I want to increase my weight by 5 and get closer to my ideal body balance?

Activity simulation

Once you have somehow found your goal using the metabolic simulation mentioned earlier, you can finally simulate the additional amount of activity you need.

Here, we simulated activities to "reduce 500g of fat in a month."

Let's imagine that you are in your 40s and are busy with your current job and family.

I would like to spend less than an hour on exercise per day, preferably around 30 minutes.

Walking, which has the highest exercise and fat burning effects, requires more than an hour and a half every day.

If I go jogging, I manage to do it for less than an hour... but every day.

What about running?

35 minutes/day is a good way to save time... However, although I can jog, I'm not confident in my stamina to continue running for 35 minutes.

That's right, in order to maintain body balance, unless you have a body that can exercise on a regular basis, you won't even be able to find ways to maintain it in the first place.

In such a case, you need to lower your goal by half and create an activity that will give your body the ability to exercise in a limited amount of time, and get used to it.


MyBody simulates based on the ACSM Guideline and information on exercise physiology, but it is not accurate or exact.

This is a rough guide and should only be used as an unreliable reference for creating your own body balance.

Start MyBody

Enjoy and learn

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