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30 minutes Cooking (PG) Fitness data processing with VBA

‹ 2017/01/04 ›

Well, this time it will be a processing story of fitness data! It is! Why? Why now! Is it?

I'm sorry I kept you talking about WirelessLAN. > <I do not have time to compete> <

[Incident occurrence]

That's right. It is because I bought Garmin VIRB too. > <

Originally at GPS Sports Watch I love TOMTOM, but when I buy VIRB I want to edit VIRB! That's why I wanted to synchronize fitness data of Tomtom Runner Gardio with VIRB movie.

So, I tried this. But there is something disappointing. Please do data processing before hand over to Edit! That is why.

[Fitness data]

The Tomtom, unlike Nike , you can download the fitness situation managed online, as various fitness data at any time.

Standard fitness data standard TCX, FIT (standard use by Garmin, thisisant), GPX (for mountain GPS), etc., as well as CSV as raw data.

And the compatibility with VIRB Edit is FIT and GPX, but if you look closely well, there are things that are missing a lot.

(Since FIT can not be processed unless you make a Pershing Engine in binary, we will leave it here.)

Yes, in the CSV raw data, calorie and cadence (stride) are recorded. But GPX has heart rate, but stride is not recorded.

Of course, cadence will not be output if it is not in cycle mode for FIT format as well.

[Confirmation of standard]

By the way, since GPX is originally for mountain GPS, cadence is unnecessary and it is not a cycle, so it is normal for cadence not to appear in FIT? I think.

"But as raw data, we record stride as cadence."

Let's go thisisant.com. And It is interesting to go to the FIT SDK and check the standards.

Cadence (cycles) says that it may be used as a stride depending on the form of sports.

And we will also check the GPX standard. Oh, there are. A "cadence" element is added to the GPX extension! It is!

[Make it with VBA!]

What is that? I agree. Let's download from Tomtom into CSV format and convert it to GPX with VBA! about it.

Fortunately, GPX is XML, so output is easy. And since the source is CSV, it is a field of excellence in Excel.

So, with a light implementation, I will make CSV 2 GPX with Excel - VBA after a long time like this.


I tried importing it into Edit, Ooo! Cadence has been recognized!

If you process the cadence meter to stride meter in Edit, you will know the pitch! It is!

I wanted to practice raising the pitch, so I was saved. . .

Actually, I want to put in calories, but since there is no caloric frame in GPX, if I do it to that, is it FIT processing? I'll do this if I have time.

I will try hard to have XC skiing as well.


The download is here. Please feel free. No warranty and Non-Profit.

(x) https://flora.frontea.com/m/CSV2GPX.xlsm

* Oops it seems wrong time calculator, so please correct it by yourself.

Fine-tuned version, It posted on mr2.froneta.com.